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Wrist Watches On Sale

wrist watches on sale

    wrist watches
  • (wrist watch) wristwatch: a watch that is worn strapped to the wrist

  • (Wrist watch (history)) For thousands of years, devices have been used to measure and keep track of time. The current sexagesimal system of time measurement dates to approximately 2000 BC, in Sumer.

    on sale
  • Licensing laws of the United Kingdom regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol, with separate legislation for England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland being passed, as necessary, by the UK parliament, the Northern Ireland Assembly, and the Scottish Parliament respectively.

  • If an inventor places his or her invention on sale more than one year before a U.S. patent application is filed, then a valid patent cannot be obtained. This is sometimes referred to as the on-sale bar to a patent.

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New to Knotty.

New to Knotty.

This was Duple Dominant II bodied AEC Reliance, KGR 258T in virtually as arrived condition. Purchased from Plaxton Coach sales at Anston ... the former Kirkby dealership where it had been traded in by previous owners Marshall's of Sutton on Trent, and still sporting their colours. The coach was slightly unusual being a 12m example with semi-automatic transmission (6U2R), but consequently all the more useful to us. After a re-paint, it went principally into front line coach duties and found its way across the length and breadth of Britain. That said, it also worked many miles of bus service work and contract mileage. In all it's years with us prior to withdrawal with severe body corrosion, I can only recall two breakdowns... both of which were quite memorable. For the sake of space and folks boredom threshold, I'll relate just one. We received a phone call from the driver with KGR on the hard shoulder of the M6 heading to Blackpool, just short of the A580 'East Lancs Road'. The temperature had shot up, the engine was running in a rough vibratory manner, and there was a huge puddle of water underneath. Always in an impoverished state, recovery by a third party was to be avoided at all costs. Within minutes, I was ready to leave with another coach for the fifty minute run to where the stricken one lay, followed by another fitter with tools, water and some equipment. Mercifully, although opposite a Motorway Police post, no one had interfered by the time we arrived, the passengers were transferred and they went on their way. Lifting the O/S engine flap ... always an entertaining thing to do on the side of a Motorway, we were confronted by the sight of a snapped bell housing! This had dropped the off side of the engine down six inches. In doing so it had torn the thermostat housing off at the front as the casting passed through a cross member hence the massive water loss. Unfortunately, driving it with little or no water had resulted in a partial seizure too. What could we possibly do now? Quick thinking had us jack the engine back into position, then chain it up around the chassis rail. Next job was to attempt to re-fit the cast thermostat housing, but all our attempts at getting it to re-seal failed as we'd no sealer with us and the pins were partially stripped. With it back together the best we could, we added water (why oh why did AEC change the filler position to the road-side!) Still searingly hot, the cold water thumped and banged it's way around the engine, but we'd got to try and get it moved. Pressing the start button resulted in telling sound of uneven compression as it wound, but the engine fired if a touch smokily. Quickly, we set off for the next junction where there was a large filling station and it's state could be better monitored. On arrival, we note depressing water loss from the badly seated casting. However, this was a garage, and you should be able to buy all things to do with motoring ... shouldn't you? Think again, Cornflakes, a wrist watch, toilet rolls a Cornish Pasty, but no sealant, in fact the motoring section seemed to confine itself to extortionately priced engine oil and screen wash and a few other nondescript bits. Plan B, saw the purchase of two packets of chewing gum, one for me, the other for the fitter. 'Chew this quick', I instructed whilst we removed the 'stat housing again and filled our water containers. Chewing gum becomes an unbelievably gooey mess when in contact with hot metal, but I have to say, that it's presence as a make shift gasket, saw the coach drive the forty miles back home with only two water stops... and the chain held!
BTW, KGR 258T had been new to famous north east independent, Primrose of Ryton on Tyne.

Billi Kopitiam

Billi Kopitiam

On Delivery:--> I arrived and it was 5 till 1 p.m. The door is locked. I made a motion to come down so I could speak to him. I told him that the lady I came to see earlier said that it was imperative that I settle the matter in the morning. The guard went upstairs and came to tell me to come back at 2 p.m. while looking at his wrist watch and knowing well that it was 2 minutes till one.

Killing Time: --> So, I have an hour to kill. The kids apparel shop is just 3 doors away and I haven't been into that shop for ages. Jr will turn 4 this May and I had gone to this store to buy all his nappy and baby outfit when I was 8 months pregnant. The store has plenty of choices for newborn but Jr is into 6 or 8 year old sizes nowadays. But I decided to try my luck. It turned out that the sale is on till April 4th and I ended up picking up a few matching t-shirts and pants for Jr and a T each for Khairie, Widad and Nur Shahirah. To my surprised too, the lady who own the shop still remember me by name.

Unpleasant Lunch:--> It's lunch time anyway. I had asked the lady for the nearest place to go for lunch from her shop. She pointed to a kopitiam around the corner across the street. I walked there and took the last table inside the kopitiam. I ordered a glass of iced lime and a plate of fish and chips. I was waiting for the food and drink to come, I was reading a newspaper cut out under the clear plastic cover on the table top. The article was about the kopitiam and it's owner and I see that it was the same guy staring at me in the paper and standing in front of me. So I asked him about the availability of the stores' specialty mentioned in the paper, the crushed red bean drink. The guy whose name should be Billi Chua according to the news paper just looked at me with one eye. He was smiling to me when I walked but why the change of attitude? Is it because I use English to ask him questions? When he saw me taking a shot at the fish and chip plate he was saying "woah, amek ganbo jugaka ahhh?" Old habits die hard. I like to take a photo of what I eat. More questions come one after another.
- Where are you from?
+Kuala Terengganu.
- Are you in restaurant business too?
+ No, I'm not.

By the second questions, he already talk to me with his head tilted up to the ceiling. He wasn't pleases that I was taking a shot at the plate. He left and I tried hard to finish off the plate.

As I was dishing the chips into the chili sauce, an inch long brown cockroach coming from under the chili sauce plate and climbing into the chili sauce. I thought of taking a photo or just leave the shop but I decided to keep quiet and just take it as an omen for not ever going back into the shop.

I had to ask for the crushed red bean drink for a second time from the girl who work for him. The fish was juicy enough but I only took a few sip of the crushed red bean drink and left 3/4 full glass on the table. The lunch cost me over $16 but the after taste of he service made me think twice of going back there. I will not ever recommend the shop to anyone even.

wrist watches on sale

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